Making Money Online is POSSIBLE!

Yes, indeed it is REAL and TRUE. Personally I have sold my bitcoins which I collected for FREE (YES, FREE!) and got cash. And I have bought top-up for my prepaid mobile phone with my bitcoins. COOL!

So if you are looking to get some extra pocket money, this is something you can try as long as you have a desktop/laptop and/or a mobile phone.

If you are NEW to this, and you need a step-by-step guide, click HERE! Or click at the Newbie Guide Tab.

Here's some wallets for you to choose. Personally I have all three. The third one (Localbitcoin) is where I sold my bitcoins to get cash.


Check out the pages for collecting or mining of different cryptocurrency. Basically I have links for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Newly added is Steem.

***Please bear in mind, this is no GET RICH SCHEME... So please be patient and persistent, we still need to WORK!

However, if you invite and refer a lot of friends to join your network, you will see your "wallet" grow faster.

So let's work together and you can get in touch with me at WowApp (This is a communication app similar to WhatsApp/Messenger. The only difference is it shares its revenue with us - meaning we get PAID for chatting and playing games.)

Cryptocurrency is volatile, just like any investment, there's risk. What I put up in this site is based on my experience. The sites mentioned here are paying me and my friends when this site is being published. I will try my very best to keep updating. And if you find any sites recommended here not paying anymore, please let me know. Thanks!